Vendor Financing – Small Business Financing Tips


Andrew Nere, CEO of ILS shares a tip on how to increase sales!

Vendor Financing – FAST

This Small Business Financing Tip is for vendors, manufacturers, equipment sellers, hardware providers, software providers, and SAAS. FAST stands for – Financing as a sales tool.

If your not offering financing to your customer to acquire the equipment you sell that they need for their business, we can help you increase your conversion at a minimum of 10%, by simply offering financing. Also called custom payment plans.

It’s a simple truth in business most people do not buy your equipment because they cannot afford it. We have all  had the sales call where you speck the equipment, your excited, the customers excited, you present them with a proposal and its just crickets chirping in the night and you never hear from them again! It’s because they couldn’t afford your equipment and services and they were just too embarrassed to tell you.

They went to their bank and got turned down. Well you can preemptively overcome that objection by offering financing to your customers very early in the process.

With Innovative Lease Services Programs we can pre-qualify your customers, get them quoted, get them locked into you as the vendor and make sure they have the capital they need to acquire the solution you offer. You will never lose out on a sale again because you didn’t offer an alternative payment plan.

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