Success from Leasing – Tour Bus Company

This week ILS helped a Tour Bus Company get through a serious emergency. The Tour Bus company’s business relied heavily on their fleet of touring buses. They take their customers on tours of local attractions, jumping states and long distance adventures.

One of the fleet’s tour buses broke down during a tour which resulted in irreparable engine troubles. With tours booked months in advance for this one bus, the Tour Bus company needed a new bus quick!

However the Tour companies funds for business expenses were low due to refunding one tour trip and the cancellation of tours until they were able to get a bus replacement.

ILS received a call from the Tour company, in which we were able to process their application within the same day. With a fairly low business credit score, ILS was able to provide $68,000 for a new shuttle bus in one week. The shuttle bus was used, however a major upgrade from the bus that was lost. The bus was delivered to the Tour company in the second week and the company was able to get back on the road immediately.

In less than two weeks the Tour company was able to lease a new bus and save their scheduled bookings! Innovative Lease Services to the rescue. 

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