• 5 Reasons to Consider Invoice Factoring for your Business

    For many businesses, cash flow can be a major issue. This is especially true if you invoice customers and get paid weeks after services are rendered or goods are shipped. You still have to pay for supplies and labor, but your valuable cash flow is tied up in your invoices. One effective way to solve the cash flow crunch is with invoice factoring. In fact, many companies that often invoice other businesses have found invoice factoring to be an effective financial solution for their business.  Here are the basics and a few reasons your business may want to consider invoice factoring:

    What Is Invoice Factoring?

    With invoice factoring, you don’t have to wait months for your invoices to get paid. Instead, your invoices are paid in 24 hours or same day. Invoice factoring puts money into your account faster, helping you better manage those times when money is tight. Imagine what you can do with more upfront cash in your bank account!
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  • 2016 Section 179 Tax Deduction Limits Increase to $500,000

    Great news for all businesses across the United States, the US government has increased Section 179’s tax deduction limits for this year’s (2016) equipment purchases to a whopping $500,000! Additionally the bonus depreciation amount has been extended to 50%.

    If you are a business owner and have not heard of Section 179 you have luckily made it to the right place. Keep reading to discover how to save your business thousands of dollars on business equipment leases and purchases year after year. Continue reading

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  • 5 Reasons to Consider Equipment Financing over Purchasing

    Should your business finance or purchase your next equipment need? Here are 5 situations in which you should use financing.

    • Your business is short on cash flow. Financing means your business pays a lower initial expense/cost. Equipment Financing does not always require a down payment, therefore you can acquire a new asset paying a monthly fixed cost in place of paying thousands of dollars for a new piece of equipment at the time of purchase. It is also very common for the financing monthly payment to be lower than loan monthly payments to a bank.
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  • Bad Customer Service Can Lead to a Bad Customer Break-Up

    Your Customer Service Department is run by people. And if those people are mean, well you are all going to get dumped by your customers.

    New reports have shown one bad customer service experience can lead to a customer cutting all ties immediately. 24/7 a customer service engagement service provider surveyed 3,500 people, in which 4 out of 5 consumers said in one instance of bad customer service would cause them to cut ties within a week. A shocking 1,800 consumer said within the very same day they received bad service they sought out a new company to do business with. Continue reading

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  • Keeping up with the Times and Technology – Leasing New Equipment

    We live in a fast paced world where the only constant is change. As cutting edge as the newest and greatest computer may be, are you the lucky business owner who gets to fork over the mulah for 10 of them for your employees?

    If this sounds like a situation you have been in for just about any piece of equipment, I have a solution for you that might make your day a little less stressful. Leasing New Equipment!

    Equipment Leasing is the most ideal for equipment that needs to be upgraded most often. For example; computers, electronics, vehicles and more. Continue reading

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