New Video – Hidden Benefits of Financing for Start-ups

Finance & Accounting Starting a Business

Watch our latest video on the Hidden Benefits of Financing brought to you by Andrew Nere, CEO of ILS and CLFP.

We provide financing to all types of businesses. However most commonly we work with start up and newer entities.

What we do is help businesses establish a baseline of pay history, with a national commercial credit reporting agency. It allows subsequent lenders (beyond us) to have a credit profile they can access and view how a business pays its’ bills. So as a business progresses from startup to mature business to multiple locations to global domination, if that is the goal, a business will have access to cheaper cost of funds and more access to funds in general.

ILS provides businesses the first opportunity to build credit history!

It is very common for businesses to do different types of lending as a business progresses. ILS is often the first lender and first trade history provider for our customers – which appears on a businesses commercial credit report. We are often the first ones who give a business a start in obtaining debt history stand point. Not a lot of people think about credit and debt when they are financing their business -especially during the startup phase, but is a unconditional benefit that should be considered.

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