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The Real Benefits Of Financing: What Are My Options?

Financing versus Equity Financing

Banks, Lenders, and Investors (oh my!) all exist because we
fellow businesses need them. They sometimes can be the fine line between
succeeding and closing the doors for good. Each of these entities, holders of
large sums of money, provide capital.

In order to
build new wineries, buy new equipment, develop new products, and upgrade
information technology, businesses have to have money.

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Large Equipment Purchases served with a side of Alternative Payments

Shopping for Equipment and Spending Capital Smarter

By Andrew Nere and Angela Caraglio

Today’s winery requires a large and varied amount of equipment to operate successfully. And like most business owners you are wearing 10 different hats, and doing 10 different jobs. So when machinery breaks, a tank cracks, or the life has been squeezed out of that tractor for as many seasons as possible, the time has finally come to invest in new equipment.

Purchasing equipment for a business is essential yet the process is often convoluted and extremely stressful. As a B2B service provider, our customers often come to us flustered and overwhelmed with the purchase decision process. While every business will have different priorities and circumstances when it comes time to acquire new equipment, how a business pays for it will have a significant impact on the businesses bottom line.

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