Bad Customer Service Can Lead to a Bad Customer Break-Up

Marketing & Sales

Your Customer Service Department is run by people. And if those people are mean, well you are all going to get dumped by your customers.

New reports have shown one bad customer service experience can lead to a customer cutting all ties immediately. 24/7 a customer service engagement service provider surveyed 3,500 people, in which 4 out of 5 consumers said in one instance of bad customer service would cause them to cut ties within a week. A shocking 1,800 consumer said within the very same day they received bad service they sought out a new company to do business with.

2 out of 5 consumers said they ended their relationship with a company due to the company’s automated phone system set up. A leading reason behind the phone automation is timing, being forced to wait too long to speak to a live person resulted them in abandoning the company altogether.

Now that everything is at our finger tips, and consumers can easily find a nicer competitor at the drop of a hat, once you have their attention, every next interaction can make or break the relationship. If we have learned anything from this survey it’s that customers are the number one priority and in today’s environment kindness and efficiency goes a long way in keeping that relationship strong.