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SBA Hits Its’ 7(a) Loan Cap Halting Funding for Remainder of Fiscal Year

Unfortunate news was released Thursday, July 23rd from the Small Business Administration (SBA) stating the $18.75 billion cap was reached at noon and therefore halting the funding of all remaining loan applications for the remainder of the 2015 fiscal year. The SBA did expect to reach the cap by late August, however it has come early this month. Continue reading

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A Simple Tax Mistake: Mixing Equipment and Supplies

Both first-time and experienced business tax filers get tripped up by which expenses are considered equipment vs. supplies. Supplies include things that you use during the year (e.g. printer paper, pens, toner cartridges). Equipment (i.e. capital expenditures) are typically higher-value items that will last significantly longer than one year. For example, a new computer, cubicles, printer, and a fax machine are examples of equipment. Continue reading

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Innovative Lease Services, Inc. Launches New Website

Business Financing Solutions Available Online

Carlsbad, California – June, 2015 – – Innovative Lease Services, Inc. (ILS) is pleased to announce the launch of its’ new website. The refreshed site provides users an abundance of commercial financing information and a seamless process to apply for financing. The site integrates simplified navigation that allows visitors to easily find the appropriate finance product to match their business needs.

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Have You Considered Financing Industrial Equipment?

Encompassing broad segments such as manufacturing and construction, success in the industrial industry relies heavily on efficiency and in turn equipment.

Industrial equipment comes in various sizes and prices. With great use and ware and tare, the equipment needs to be maintained, replaced or updated frequently in order to maintain expansion and profitability. Continue reading

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US Food Service Industry Continues to Grow

ILS Offers Restaurant Equipment Financing as Food Service Industry Growth Spikes in the third quarter of 2014

Innovative Lease Services Inc. (ILS), leading provider of funding for small businesses nationwide, as experienced a spike in food service businesses seeking working capital loans in the third fiscal quarter of 2014. Continue reading

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San Diego Micro Brewery Business is Booming with the Help of Innovative Lease

ILS offers Leasing and Financing Solutions to Breweries Looking to Grow

Carlsbad, CA September 9, 2014 – – Innovative Lease Services (ILS), located in the “The Craft Beer Capital of America,” has reported a tremendous growth in the number of San Diego breweries financed this year. San Diego leads the country in new licenses for craft brewery businesses with breweries in the North County region generating $272.3 million in 2013 alone and contributing over $37 million in the local economy. Continue reading

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