Video Tip – Debt is Really like an Asset for your Business

Business Expansion
business asset

Debt comes in many different forms. At ILS we use it as a revenue generator. Watch to learn more about business asset.

Debt is one of those subjects that makes many cringe.

Most people don’t like it. Generally most people do not like to owe anyone anything. A lot of our customers come to ILS with that mind set. But we would like businesses to consider debt as a strategic resource that can use to expand operations and increase revenue. Think about debt as an employee and what they are? They are an asset who you trade for their time in order for them to produce work. This type of transaction allows you to increase your revenue and serve your customers better.

We think about debt in the same light. Debt is simply a fee that you are paying for the use of some sort of asset. So if you finance a piece of equipment through a debt vehicle like one of our equipment leasing or financing programs, you are actually paying a fee for the use of that equipment. That fee is what you pay in order to produce the revenue associated with it. And assuming you are a profitable small business – you’ll be making a profit.

We ask that you reconsider your relationship to debt, and think about it as a way to leverage and access additional resources which will help you increase revenue for your business.

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