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Adding a Financing Arm to Your B2B Business

“aka” In-House Customer Payment Plans

With majority of business processes automated – payment plans are more
readily available than ever before. This includes business goods, services, and
consumer goods – almost everything under the sun can be financed.

With that being said it is crucial for a business to offer payment plans for products and services to keep up with competition and most importantly grow sales and increase revenue.

Commonly, a customer that wants or requires a finance option is often not going to share that with whom they are purchasing from. Keep in mind, 100% of your customers that pay cash are already doing so. So suppliers offering a financing option have the chance to convert more existing prospects into buyers.

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The Life Cycle of Debt

Financing Your Business

From the moment of inspiration, the most
common question a business owner will have is, “How am I going to pay for that!?”
Great ideas and great businesses are launched every day, it is the cornerstone
of the American Dream and essential
to the US economy. Over 80% of people in the US are employed by small
businesses. However, financing your business is often one of the most difficult
things a business owner will have to deal with.

Let’s take a moment then to look at what debt
is, the types of debt, and how debt is used in the life of a business.

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The Real Benefits Of Financing: What Are My Options?

Financing versus Equity Financing

Banks, Lenders, and Investors (oh my!) all exist because we
fellow businesses need them. They sometimes can be the fine line between
succeeding and closing the doors for good. Each of these entities, holders of
large sums of money, provide capital.

In order to
build new wineries, buy new equipment, develop new products, and upgrade
information technology, businesses have to have money.

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